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About the Band

Winchester Holiday is an independent rock band, with members based in Fort Collins and Boulder. The group consists of two pairs of brothers and one adopted wild child. Raised on the same street, the Cecils and Workmans influenced each others' musical tastes and style. Between birthday parties and movie marathons they would share songs as diverse as Led Zeppelin's "Ten Years Gone" and Judee Sill's "Crayon Angels". Adam Federer entered their world fully-formed, a ball of rhythmic charisma. A mutual and immediate interest in making music together arose. Now, prioritizing vocal harmony, refined lyrics, and driving rhythm, the group fills a niche somewhere between the folk music of the '60s and new wave rock. With a repertoire ranging from Guthrie-esque ballads to telecaster and organ infused anthems, they draw in listeners from all age groups and reward them with rich imagery and infectious melodies.